TL series is designed in a way that the back leaves move with half the speed of the front leaves. With this stealthy coordinated movement, both back and front leaves reach the fully-open point simultanously and provide you with an opening up to 2/3 of the installed width. TL series‘ telescopic mechanism is designed and made in a way that can easily give a brilliant performance in places with high traffic. Having passed one-million-cycle test, this mechanism is also considered absolutely suitable for escape doors.

Standards TL240ES
EN ISO 13849
EU low voltage directives
EU EMC directives
ISO 9001
TÜV approved
CE conformity
1.000.000 cycles durability test
Technical Data
Opening width – double leaves 900 – 3000mm
Opening width – four leaves 1800 – 4000mm
Max leaf weight, double 2 x 150kg
Max leaf weight, four 4 x 100kg
Operator height 155mm
Operator depth 226mm
Opening speed Variable up to 1.1 m/s

(Four leaves)

Closing speed Variable up to 1.1 m/s

(Four leaves)

Hold-open time 0 – 30s
Ambient temperature -15 to +50°C
Protection class IP20
100% German-made operator kit
Control unit origin Leesys GmbH, a part of Siemens Enterprise Communication
Gear motor origin Germany
Track profile Stainless Steel
Anti-noise rubber profile
Gear motor power 100W
Dual gear motor and control unit set for master and slave concept
No. of hanger per leaf 2
External protected power supply
Power supply power 230V/33V,50VA(Peak 120VA)
Back-up battery for emergency opening
Possibility to use safety sensors with testing signal
24V DC output for external accessories
Power lock
Lock monitoring
Possibility of using more software and hardware options by using DEAP device (optional)
Read-out error memory with error codes (with digital programme switch)
Programmable output (optional)
Programmable input (optional)
Possibility of using mechanical key switch
Possibility of using Digital programme switch (optional)
Possibility of using electro-mechanical lock (optional)
Possibility of using Battery
Maximum operation cycles with 2.2 Ah backup battery 400
Maximum operation cycles with 7.2 Ah backup battery 1000
Thermal break THB
Thermal break TBS