This model’s universality is a result of its incredible electromechanical construction together with its genius design. Taking your different needs into account, Deutschtec SW40 has been made to operate using a powerful German-made motor. On the opening, when the door drive is motor-assisted, it puts the integrated spring under tension and then uses the stored energy to close the door softly. By employing the brightest mechanics, the whole door swing area can enjoy optimum power usage even when the motor is not running. This steady movement of the door to its end position is essential and thoroughly meets safety requirements and international standards.

Standards SW40
Dimensions of the operator (H x W x L) 85 x 124 x 600 mm or 110 x 126 x 600 mm
Opening angle 3 – 20 s / 5 – 20 s
Electrical power supply 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Rated power 67 W
Consumption in standby mode 13 W
Operating modes Automatic operation
Continously open
Manual operation
Functions Automatic reverse
Touch control (push and go)
Emergency stop, interlock control for 2-leaf doors
Customer-specific door parameters