Normally automatic swing door has simple structure but its attractive design is equally suitable for different places. This kind of automatic door model is suitable for a wide variety of building types – residential, offices, retail centers and more! Its simple design makes it suitable to use in any location and minimizes maintenance costs.

Swing door needs minimal space while maximizing opening width. All components and control system are housed in a nice, simple and sleekly designed cover and it is simple to use for everybody like children, handicap and old people regardless of their age and physical ability

Standards SW-PRO
Speed/opening time/open degree/ close Adjustable
Door width ≤ 1400mm
Door weight ≤ 140kgs
Open degree 60-115 adjustable
Voltage AC220V / 110V,Input 220V AC Output 24 DC
Open device wireless push button/remote control
Service life test 2000000
power 50W
Weight 8kg
Working temperature -20℃ ~ +50℃
Input voltage AC 100V/220V Optional
Output voltage 24V DC (±10%),3A
Open degree Max 115°
Open speed 45°/S
Close speed 45°/S
Opening time 0-60S(adjustable)
Protection Class IP21
Size 515*80*115mm(LWH)